yeah that contradicts his actions. He seems to be running out of money if i had to guess… he has 4 funding schemes he’s done to date. He’s done the founders campaign crowdfunding preorder campaign, the vip preorder crowdfunding, the fig/republic crowdfunding. The Neil Patel Angel investment scam he ran on the hush-hush.

You can even say technically there’s more fundraising schemes. Gamestop taking pre-orders, those german websites and other online retailers with pre-orders. That money’s certainly not delivering any product so until they do… I see them as just schemes drawn up to fool people to float money for an unproven startup company like intellivision.

If he really cared about the games he would of launched this all digital platform on just an app for peoples phones to subscribe to get the games. Even now with no fully working amico, I question it alot… There has not been a single video showing an amico running alone with nothing else hooked up nearby like a laptop. Their actions not showing a amico running standalone makes it seem like it doesnt work and its running off the laptop itself. How is it they just sent out dev kits if he claimed there were games running and working prior to sending out devkits? its because those games were made on an android emulator on a pc, and that’s probably the same deal with the demonstrations they’ve given people.

People were nearly fooled by mike kennedy pulling the old computer board magic swapping trick. Tommy’s only been displaying the same trick in my mind. No actual standalone running amico has been demonstrated.

They need to film the amico running with no laptops nearby, no capture devices… no tricks. just a camera filming the thing being hooked up live to a single tv and running on its own.

I have no sympathy for people who’s floated this company any money and gets scammed because by now there’s enough information out there to warn everybody to stay away from this awful mess.

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