TT loves to say that the “haters” are always moving the goalposts, and that no matter what he does they’ll find fault.
Let’s look at TT’s guarantee and see how much the crybully is merely projecting his own shortcomings onto others.
“Releases on 10/10/20”- FALSE!
“Releases on 4/3/21”- NOT HAPPENING!
“Onboard Qi Charging”- GONE!
“All Games Are Console Exclusives”- FALSE!
“Games priced $2.99-$7.99”- FALSE!
“All Games $10 and under”- FALSE!
“Console Price $149-$179”- FALSE!
This last one is really funny because TT threw an online hissy fit that Pat&Ian accidentally said it was $200 during one podcast.  Even though they corrected themselves the very next podcast, TT still uses this as his “smoking gun” that Pat&Ian are liars who have a personal vendetta against him. He also never apologized to them when it turns out the Amico is going to sell for over $50 more than their “libelous and intentionally inflated price”.

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