Tommy purged Allard’s name from and soon after people noticed Allard did the same on his LinkedIn. Allard’s name and grandiose title is still on so their “digital guy” might want to go clean that up, too. (You’re welcome!)

I’m not sure it rises to the level of “fraud” but I wouldn’t want to use Tommy’s sketchy explanation if the SEC started asking questions.

Meanwhile, the r/amico subreddit is getting even weirder, with the moderator ZadocPaet making claims about the user who asked some pointed yes/no questions then disappeared when Tommy couldn’t/wouldn’t give a straight answer.

It still seems possible that this whole project is a publicist laying down groundwork for a reality show documentary about Tommy Tallarico, the Tiger King of video games.

“I can personally substantiate” what Tommy tells me is a lot like “I’ve seen Amico physical media and now my pants are wet!”

The footbath saga continues and poor little rich Tommy only wants a certain kind of attention.

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