The Eyes of Allard

Whatever happened to J Allard, the closest thing Intelliivision Amico has (had) to a relevant, modern “big name” in gaming? He seems to have left the building. 

In Late July, he had GLOBAL MANAGING DIRECTOR on his LinkedIn profile. He was an understandable no-show at the truly embarrassing August 4th 5th 2020 event, and soon after, his profile simply said he was an ADVISOR to the foolish Amico project. 

Now, he’s removed any reference to Intellivision, Amico, or Tommy Tallarico. No updates from the Intellivision “only good news” press release page, of course. I can’t say I blame Allard, but some more information would be nice for investors and backers. The profit-sharing (Tommy cries if you call it “crowdfunding”) page has not been updated at any stage of Allard’s involvement or non-involvement. 

Here are some pictures, lest this disappear down the memory hole. In reverse chronological order, newest first:

Allard’s LinkedIn as of today, January 21, 2021 (1/21/21 is like one of Tommy’s magic numbers he loves so much!)

Here is Allard’s LinkedIn showing the “Advisor” role, around September 2020

And from late July 2020, when this hot news was supposed to shut up all the haters (as if!)

And this, from the Intellivision press release. Note that Tommy uses the same Linkedin/Wikipedia photo of Allard, never any pictures of them together. 

And the investment page still lists him as a prominent team member, with the old title. Yet another red flag. 

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