Well, the r/Amico group is for fans only …

Just like AtariAge. One of the moderators, “IntelliDan,” just joined yesterday, presumably that’s Tommy’s “digital guy” who follows behind him to clean up his messes.

Here is the inconvenient conversation, archived for your pleasure: https://archive.is/HGBXv (the original is here)

Some guy called Tommy’s credibility into question, and we can’t have that! Moderators to the rescue!

Here is a snippet of what was removed. The user was banned from making future comments, of course.

What a load of crap! Don’t forget there are some other, less busy places to talk about the Real Amico. I like rIntellivision_Amico, but any place that isn’t run by and for the company is better than the “safe spaces” that these guys have made for themselves.

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