Well said.

Regarding Tallarico referring to this page as a “racist/hate” site:

It’s not there, that’s just Tommy’s pisspoor attempt at “cancelling” the site. Tommy is good at parroting words he hears, so this is probably something he picked up by watching how people treat his BFF, outspoken bigot Doug Tennapel. https://www.gamesindustry.biz/articles/2020-07-10-interplay-silent-on-earthworm-jim-developers-racist-homophobic-remarks

This explains it pretty well: https://amicogames.com/post/644481428654047233/anyone-else-wondering-why-tommytallarico-keeps

The only mention of race or ethnicity is the tongue-in-cheek “Shill Score” scorecard, which was a comment on the homogeneity of the Amico fans. There’s definitely a “look” to many of them. There was a checkbox on there for “Caucasian.” They changed it recently. https://amicogames.com/search/shill%20score

Since Tommy self-identifies as an Italian American, and does it in flashy, ostentatious ways (“Look at my Ferrari!”), that sometimes gets mocked as well. https://amicogames.com/search/italian

If someone sees “hate” or “racism” there, the site owner is pretty open to posting comments via the submission form. https://amicogames.com/submit

But like I said, I think that name-calling by Tommy is just another attempt to distract and confuse people. He should choose better words.

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