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Here’s what Tommy had to say about development costs back in March 2019:

The console is being developed in-house with the exception of the industrial design (the shape)… it’s very common to hire outside companies for this… and we have one of the best.

The machine itself will cost about $3 million when all is said and done. But that is just for the design and UI. Manufacturing is in the hundreds of millions! Software is almost $10 million, etc., etc..

The fact that Atari raised $3 million for the VCS means that they must rely on everyone else (for the most part) to make the software for the system. We’re the opposite. We have full control over everything that appears on our machine. And what about marketing? What will their budget be?

Yes… you will see Intellivision commercials nationwide. As well as celebrity endorsements, social media influencers, national mall tours, massive social media, and massive PR (national morning shows, late night shows, etc.). It will be a total blitz leading into 10/10 2020. 🙂

You asked where the “cash” for marketing came… investors.

And keep in mind that our marketing & PR budget was put together by the 2 women who ran Nintendo marketing & PR for a combined 30 years!

Let the good times roll!!!!

Gotta get back to playing this new epic build of the new (and exclusive!) Moon Patrol for Amico!!!! Can’t wait to share what we have with everyone! June can’t come quick enough.

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