Tony has a plausible working theory on how the Intellivision Amico RFID tokens will work.

It still comes down to execution, and remember, this is a company that can’t even get its prerecorded launch videos without the CEO crapping his pants at the last minute and having to reschedule. It’s the company that launched their mobile app with an augmented reality unlocking gimmick they had to remove because it was incompetently implemented.

Remember, the medium is not the message when it comes to games. If the software is as lackluster as the Corn Hole and Missile Command games shown thus far, the container gimmick cannot make a shallow/boring game better.

Tommy Tallarico’s showboating secrecy around their game containers continues to be as ridiculous as he is. Anyone want to wager he’s sitting an idea that has been rejected by bigger/smarter companies for good reasons?

I wouldn’t bet against it.

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