The beleaguered chief of the Intellivision Entertainment company has a problem. He’s a gamer, an enthusiast, a collector, and obsessive – just like you! 

Except he has to defend the trademarks and copyrights on the Intellivision brands he bought, or he could lose them. 

This could be the first of many shutdowns and freeze-outs of fan projects. A fan printed up some actual shirts to go along with a virtual expo:


Tommy Tallarico, who seems to want to play it both ways, says he’s “really sorry” but his mean old lawyers are making him take things like this down. He’s not a suit! He’s different! And yet, somehow the same …


“Hi Folks,

I just wanted to apologize to the community as I was notified that our legal, sales and licensing folks have been sending out letters to a lot of websites banning the sale of Intellivision related clothing/merchandise with our branding.”

He’s really sorry! He says so right there. So look for an Atari-style legal blitz on purging contraband Intellivision swag everywhere! That would include the source image for the Intellivision Virtual Expo shirt … 


… the lineup at TeePublic, which includes a certain hanger-on who really depends on Tommy’s brand for his online jollies


Yes that’s “OEB Pete,” who just posted his 190th Intellivision Amico video instead of taking his dick out on Zoom like a real writer would. 


Not to worry, homebrew fans! He’s not coming for you yet. 

“And to be clear… it’s only clothing/merchandise where this applies (because of the deals we’re working on).  We’re happy to continue supporting events, homebrews, etc.  It’s just clothing/merchandise being sold right now.

Right now. Not yet.  

So don’t worry, Tommy won’t take a stance on infringing works just yet, at least not until Konami threatens to take his dinosaur pool and spider-man bed away. 


“I hope everyone can understand and please let me know if you have any questions, comments or concerns.
Thanks.  And again… I’m really sorry.”

Not sorry enough to stop it, of course. Way to kill off what little goodwill remains for your brand, rockstar. 

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