Tommy Tallarico
2 minutes ago (edited)
Hi!,  Thanks for making the video and giving your honest thoughts.  I always appreciate your fairness.  The quote you referred to of me saying Amico will be delayed indefinitely was purposely taken out of context to make us look bad and to use as click bait.  That video was even flagged on YouTube as False News.  What I really said was that the California lockdowns and “stay-at-home” orders are now indefinite.  I was in no way referring to the release date.  They then used that quote to make it seem like I was saying the delay is indefinite.  That isn’t the case at all.  We are still trying our hardest to finalize everything by early February to get it into manufacturing before the Chinese New Year (mid February).  We are NOT willing to sacrifice quality just to rush something out to hit a target date.  As you may remember in my August 5th video I mentioned that if everything goes great and things with COVID get better… we should be able to hit April.  Unfortunately, as everyone is aware… they have gotten much worse.  🙁  We are still trying though… but in the meantime, we have started talking to our retail, manufacturing, compliance, logistics and distribution partners to see when an alternative launch date would be.  We are currently looking at mid summer.  We will know for sure by the end of January and will put out information (probably a short video) by the very beginning of February.   Thanks again for your fairness and understanding.  I appreciate it.  Feel free to hit me up on Twitter or e-mail if you have any other questions.  This will be my only post here as I imagine my obsessed stalkers will be showing up in… 3…..2……1……

Tommy, freaking out over a video with 42 views because it used the word “indefinitely” in a way that makes him look dumb

It’s “indefinite” until you provide a “definite” date, dopeface

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