Tommy blaming his lawyers for shutting down fanmade shirts is the ultimate gaslighting. Go look on TeeFury, TeePublic, etc and you will see THOUSANDS of t-shirts with Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, Disney, and DC characters. You will even see Nintendo and Atari logos and characters. None of this is officially licensed merchandise and they’ve operated for over a decade. According to Tommy Lucasfilm, Disney, Marvel, etc must have lost their trademarks because they didn’t send C&D letters to every one of the t-shirts makers. Two weeks ago, he released a promotional video which half of it was dedicated to employees singing Tommy’s praises and saying the Amico is 100% his vision and that Tommy makes all the decisions. He’s the big cheese. The head honcho. Numero Uno. But now that he doesn’t want to leave a few dollars in t-shirt sales on the table, Tommy is all “Gosh darnit. I would totally let you guys do that because I’m your bestest pal, but my mean ol’ lawyers won’t let me.“ Give us a break. That’s about as believable as Donald Trump saying "I totally want to release my tax returns because they’re so brilliant but my lawyers won’t let me.” The lawyers work for Tommy. He can ignore them if he wanted. Tommy is 100% the bad guy here, but he’s too spineless to own up to the fact it’s only his greed stopping fanmade shirts.

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