I think you’re thinking about this list. It’s pure fantasy. 

On November 13, 2020 Tallarico said he loved that list, and also said: 

“Currently we’re planning on going into manufacturing in January, but could be as late as the beginning of March if needed.” 

Clearly he’s counting on the use of a teleporter from China, or this will be a very, very soft launch with single-digit quantities counting as “shipping.”

Back on October 17th, he said they could manufacture in March and use air freight to ship everything at great expense. He also said they needed to work with 50 compliance companies, which seems like a pretty profound misreading of the real-world rules.

It’s probably best to take everything you read from him as fan fiction, because he’s not a reliable source. For no reason at all, here’s a picture of an old video game about clowns. 

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