The latest AARP magazine has a long feature about video games, and it includes a Tommy Tallarico quote. I assume this was the big feature he was bragging about several months ago.

I will write more about this later, but it completely demolishes Tommy’s “false narrative” (roll eyes) about how video games are some elitist club, explicitly debunking the “stereotype of the ill-kempt, lonely, isolated player sitting in his basement.” It contains a “NEW TO GAMING? START HERE” section listing mobile games, as well as some of the games that dominated in 2020.

You know what is not mentioned, not even once? Intellivision “Footbath” Amico.

The Tommy quote, in full:

“I’ve always said if Beethoven were alive today, he’d be a video game composer,” says Tommy Tallarico, 53, a video game music composer who has worked on over 300 titles and now also heads up a revival of the Intellivision video game brand. “His whole goal was to control people’s emotions. What better outlet would that have been than video games today? Do you think Beethoven would have been a film composer? Do you think he would have wanted people talking over his music for two hours? Hell no!”

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