The Intellivision Amico product is managed like a poop sandwich, hold the bread

After flubbing their first self-imposed deadline, the braintrusts running Intellivision Entertainment decided it would be a good idea to take the entire month of November 2020 off to move house.

It’s becoming increasingly clear that Tommy Tallarico wants to ride this “CEO” train as long as he can. The product is secondary. When the product comes out, the ride will be over. A real CEO would have wanted to make the April launch date, which would have been tomorrow: April 3, 2021. A professional company that cared about the product, the employees, the customers, or the investors wouldn’t behave this way.

Intellivision had two buildings, and plenty of overlap time. They could have hired someone to do all the work in advance, moving in overnight with near-zero downtime. Or they could have continued much fo their work at home. Those of us working in real companies have done this many times, it’s not rocket science.

Tommy’s office is loaded with toys but he still prefers to do his many hours of streaming from home. He showed us an incredibly self-indulgent walkthrough which illustrated his priorities: ego-driven collector swag, not engineering or design. At some point, this thing is going to have to transition to what Tommy says it is, to what it actually is. That will be fun.

Here’s Tommy using painting as an excuse, plus a lengthy “motivational speaker” style sidebar where he compares himself to Rocky. Rocky never made excuses, nor did he talk as much as this jackass.

The guy in the bottom right knows where this is going.

Have any of these people actually SEEN Rocky?


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