The Doug TenNapel issue was raised over a year ago, and this post by TT (snapshot before TT can edit it) hits pretty every one of his not-so-enduring qualities. We have Tommy’s classic gaslighting where he tries to dismiss DT’s extensive, well-documented history of bigoted writing and rants as a few statements “taken out of context”. We have the anonymous, unverifiable source that proves Tommy is right and all the naysayers are wrong. We have Tommy The Victim bemoaning how often his own statements are taken out of context. And then you have the tone deaf “defense” that ranks right up there with Judge Roy Moore’s wife’s “He can’t be an anti-Semite. Our lawyer’s a Jew!”. One thing Tommy does make clear is that DT is an integral member of the team, and TT and Intellivision Productions will stand by him. Except apparently DT’s most recent verbal diarrhea about BLM and “the Black community” in general made TT try to gaslight again. Now the story is that DT is an “unpaid volunteer” who only attended “like one design meeting or something”. Can’t wait for Tommy’s legion of market researchers (“But don’t ask to see them. They’re invisible!”) start producing bar graphs without any labels that show conclusively that the Amico is “winning” in all the categories.

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