This is really weird. So Intellivision delayed their announcement today for mysterious reasons, but didn’t get the word to everyone who had their press release. A German games site ran it briefly until it was pulled, 

But none of the Amico Faithful seem to want to talk about it. 

This AtariAge user named EZ tried to post this news THREE times to the Tommy Tallarico Q & A thread. It was deleted THREE times by the moderator, without saying anything else. 

He won’t be posting in that thread anymore. 

Then there’s the wannabe shill Atari Creep, who says he’s a plain talker who is just excited about the video footbath, but he’s clearly committed to the cause and won’t cross Tommy. 

To say nothing of the downvotes on the Amico subreddit for this guy who has the truth about the leak. 

For people who say they’re excited about this thing coming out, they seem strangely uncurious about it. They don’t have anything to say about J Allard’s mysterious demotion, they have even less interest in the delay/leak of information. Are there any true fans of Intellivision Amico, or are they all astroturfing Kool-Aid drinkers? 

Fortunately, there’s one group who still cares about the truth, even if it’s not the best news for Tommy. 

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