T-Boners & Rear-Enders

The 1970s heritage of the Intellivision Amico shines through in everything they do. Remember when Tommy Tallarico, sporting his Intellivision ball cap and Spider-Man t-shirt, proudly demonstrated his car-crash mini game, then called SideSwipers, to the world?

The name never made any sense, because the single-lane tracks made it impossible to actually side-swipe the cars. You could have rear-end, head-on, or t-bone collisions. I personally think it should have been called “T-Boners & RearEnders” as a family-friendly companion piece to “Tommy Tallarico’s CornHole,” exclusively on Amico.

A few months later, Mr. Tallarico was very pleased to announce they were using the Mattel Hot Wheels toy license for this game.

Well bad news, True Believers, it looks like the name might have to change, as Mattel isn’t as keen on encouraging kids to intentionally crash cars as they were in Tommy’s youth, many decades ago. Straight from the mouth of the top T-Boner himself:

It’s a shame, because the original Hot Wheels Criss Cross Crash toy, which this game resembles, is emblematic of 1970s American kid crap culture. It fits right in with the Evel Knievel and Sesame Street licensing, as well as all of the Atari remakes the evil geniuses have up their sleeves.

It reminds me of the boomer humor “stress test” promo video the Intellivision group did in the summer of 2020.

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