“Stock photo: father and daughter playing video games at home” is available here, and naturally, doesn’t have the fake-ass Intellivision Amico controllers shopped in. Original looks like this:


When they’re not playing Frog Bog or whatever crap edutainment Amico purports to offer, Dad is doing things to “Help a Dyslexic Child Develop A Positive Mindset,” which doesn’t require any extra tech at all, least of all a video footbath.


This one is “Happy family playing video games at home.” and you can tell they’re happy because they have both an Intellivision Amico (at least that’s what is photoshopped into their hands), and they also have an OG game system with controller cords, which they used on the very same day, with the same clothing and lighting!

You be the judge, but I think they like the non-Amico system a lot better. Stick that in your corn hole!

“Cheerful Black father and son compete” is the name of the stock photo, and they’re using Sony-style controllers. Buy it here. Or pretend that they’re pretending to play Intellivision Amico, where generous lover Dean Takahashi once again services Tommy Tallarico with fabrications

“Glad to see the press using some of the images we’ve created,” says Tommy, who clearly enjoys taking credit for other people’s work.