Poor Max wants to get a piece of the CUpodcast’s audience. This video isn’t really about Pat Contri but he can’t help but invoke the guy. All he has is this wishy-washy take that could have been a short blog post. 

Not to put words in Pat’s mouth, but I think he would call this behavior being a “cloud chasing piece of shit.” 

Max is multitasking with a game but at least he’s not wearing that dumb mask. 

Some Amico talk 8 minutes in covers the basics: Tommy’s kind of a d-bag, the presentation has been underwhelming, yes he’s from back in the day, but $250 for Pong and Moon Patrol is too much to ask in 2021. Max, I’m sorry I called you a “masked asshole” for having teetee on your show, and I’m glad you’re no longer in the front row of Intellivision’s cult of personality.

Also, I like the thumbnail for this video, VERY NICE