This is some toddler-level manipulation.

We can all see why Tommy Tallarico needs to play “guess what’s in the box,” because it’s the only way he can control the conversation. He can also be the center of attention, so long as people are playing his game.

When he shows his cards (probably a deuce and a 3) the game is over and all his friends will go home, so he strings it out as long as he can.

This is some toddler-level manipulation. He’s practically begging people to engage with him so he can say, “you’ll just have to wait and see! Thursday night at 9PM PST!”

I’m glad nobody is playing along.


Dead Startup Toys is selection of classic crap gadgets recreated in nonfunctional funsize form. There are adorable Juiceros and Jibos, internet-of-things drink coolers, the well-meaning but hell-bent One Laptop Per Child, and of course the greatest of them all, the Theranos blood assay Minilab that raised nearly a billion dollars and was for all intents and purposes a fraud. All, sadly, are already sold out so Christmas is looking bleak at Casa Del AmicoGames. (shamelessly cribbed from BoingBoing)