These stills are from the Intellivision Amico investor video at the top of their Republic page. This guy claims it costs them $40 to hook a customer, who will spend an average of $360.


It would appear that he’s working backwards, to show that they only need to spend 11% of their revenue on advertising. 


And as everybody’s favorite muppet, Tommy Tallarico, likes to say, “the real marketing hasn’t started yet!”


There is one small problem with this calculation: it’s entirely fictional. 

Customer acquisition cost is simple: take all the money you spend on marketing and promotion, then divide it by the number of customers you have.

Problem is: they haven’t done any marketing and they haven’t made any sales. This is pure mental masturbation, like the Tommy Tallarico Introduction and Q & A thread on AtariAge. The same place where Tommy implies that Microsoft is interested in acquiring their dumb brand because their principal said something nice to him on Twitter once

Remember their asinine prediction that they’d sell 9 million devices? That would be Nintendo or Microsoft pacing, not Intellivision. Example:


Maybe just maybe, some sucker will see enough value here and buy them out to put them out of their misery … like what happened to Leapfrog in the end …


…but to do that, they’d have to pay off Toy Boy here. Wouldn’t that be something.


There’s a lengthy PDF here, with some interesting facts. Most of their website language and advertising seems to be in there. 

The word “crowdfunding” appears 45 times.

The word “crowd-publishing” appears 63 times. 

A blurb about the 7/2 investor update:

7/2 Investor Update

Hi [First Name],

Our team is excited to have you on board! The campaign is just over a month old and we wanted to provide an update.

The Reg A qualification process is ongoing. The Form 1-A was submitted about one month ago, and we expect comments back from the SEC any day now. Once we receive comments we intend to make any necessary changes to the Form 1-A to make another public filing and to ask for qualification.

A problematic graphic:

Okay, which one of you plus-sized fiftysomething intellidorks is pledging big money for the Intellivision Amico crowdfunding campaign? You know there’s an expectation that you’ll pay out eventually, right?

It’s interesting that there’s only “big money” going into this. Pre-orders numbers are effectively flat.

There can be no assurance that Intellivision will be able to successfully deliver the Amico console and its related games.
Intellivision has not had a commercially successful game console since being re-established.
We may experience quality or supply problems.
Amico is likely to be sold in a pre-launch state prior to completion, at a price lower than the anticipated retail price of the completed game, which would result in lower revenue generated by those sales.
Under the Amico License Agreement, Fig’s revenue share is equal to a percentage of the revenue Intellivision receives, and Intellivision retains the ability to enter into separate license agreements with other co-publishers, which could reduce the revenues Intellivision receives and thereby indirectly reduce Fig’s revenue share.

“You continue to miss the point that the Amico’s business model is nothing like the Ouya, Atari VCS, or any other examples that the critics keep dragging out.  The Ouya and Atari VCS were crowdfunded Those projects were entirely dependent on the backers’ money.  The Amico was going to be released whether there were preorders or not.” – AtariAge moderator “Jaybird”

Jayturd’s bullshit knows no bounds in his continued fellating of Tommy Tallarico in the public square. It’s obvious TT has just run his latest me-too retro box bullshit, like the other clusters. He just started with conning some business grants out of foolish Euro-government incentive programs, and bends over backwards to perpetuate the lie that he’s not crowdfunding and e-begging, like the taint on those other projects which he proceeds to do.

I love how Jay bolsters his invalid argument by citing TT’s intention to release with pre-orders or not, yet no one will ever know cuz guess what? We have preorders, and TT is going to delay and still claims, he won’t release it at all if he can’t hold the price at his latest increase that effectively kills it anyway. It’s so disappointing what scrubs the organizers of AA became over yet another worthless magic box, and how they’ve lost the only thing that allowed them to remain a relevant retro gaming site, legitimacy.

TT’s probably obligated by the terms of his grants to not charge more than his latest manufactured price point, which would explain all the special edition bullshit at higher prices for idiot cultists and his preorders in general. Idiots who bite on those are intended to subsidize his inability to meet the terms of his original obligation to the grant agencies. And he has nothing in the way of actual investors which explains the desperate Fig maneuver. 

This whole thing is just another house of cards with an ever growing pile of bullshit stacked on top. I strongly suspect this thing is entirely dependent on just crapping out enough to meet the terms of the free money he got from Europe for filling out some forms and claiming, “sure we can do that, and we meet those requirements.” If he doesn’t fall flat on his face with no launch, he’ll fall flat on his face with a shit delivery, but coat it in 8 million pounds of bullshit.