Seriously, something is wrong with this person posting under the name of the President/CEO of Intellivision Entertainment. 

  1. Company posts some technical job listings 
  2. Shitposter (hi, mom!) puts up some links to them
  3. Podcaster reads them aloud
  4. Company frontman FREAKS OUT and posts crazy-ass MANIFESTOS everywhere he can, threatening the podcaster and calling him a liar and a coward!

Those Intellivision plug-n-play units may have sold decently, but they were still garbage. They were Nintendo-on-a-chip units with reprogrammed old games sold at bargain prices, miles below AtGames Flashback units in terms of reliability, fidelity, and value. They were nothing to be proud of and soiled the Intellivision brand legacy. They came out in the days before mobile gaming and gamers and casual consumers alike should expect better of anything carrying the old name. 

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