Our favorite Industry Legend only likes to compare himself to Sony and Microsoft when they hold back things like UI videos until closer to launch. 

Let’s all pretend the upstart startup led by a short-attention-span, attention-seeking toy collector is somehow equivalent to the engineering and communication and engineering teams of multinational electronics giants. Smiley face. 

Text says:

I’m not sure exactly.  Probably sometime soon.  As we move into our new offices and finalize hardware for production, we have a lot more important things on our plate right now that are taking precedence.

I remember Sony & Microsoft showing their boot up sequence and UI only a few weeks before they hit retail shelves.  So like everything we’ve done from the beginning… we’d be showing things way before the norm.

We had a pretty good version of the UI ready to go on 10/10, but after the live stream didn’t go as planned… we decided to just wait longer instead of showing it incomplete.

So I’m sure after we get settled into the office and things calm down a bit, we can do a live stream and show off some really cool, simple and unique ways we’re doing things.

Question:  I’m curious.  Are you more interested in seeing the machine just booting up… or in the UI (User Interface) itself?  The reason I ask is that you didn’t mention the UI in your question… only the “boot up sequence”.


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