One time is just an incident, two data points starts a trend, three tell a story. In the case of @tommytallarico and his boyfriend “jaybird,” who he keeps on a very short leash, it’s easy to read the story. Everyone has seen it so many times now, they can recite it from memory.

Six hours ago, Tommy Tallarico got butthurt about his dumb misspelling (“sneak peak”) which was pointed out in a “constructive criticism” thread. Jay Turd dutifully closed the thread, as he has done many times before. is a propaganda/marketing arm of Intellivision Entertainment. They are fully complicit in the weird astroturf shill behavior that characterizes this project. What’s unusual about Amico? Is it the retro name? The remakes? The family focus? No, it’s the overhyped shill culture.

Let’s not pretend it’s normal for there to be EIGHT breathless “reaction videos” in response to a yet another mediocre conversion of Breakout.

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