Oh, brother. We can guess at what they will say ….

1. It’s cheaper! Half the price!

2. Tommy Tallarico is an everyman, just like us! An underdog! A refreshing change of pace!

3. After 25 years of Sony and 20 years of Xbox, don’t we deserve a little shake-up?

4. Family friendly! Bring back couch co-op. No bad language, sex, or violence. Everybody wins!

5. Microsoft and Sony are offering more of the same old thing. Not Amico! It’s more of the really, really old stuff that you forgot about, which must be better, because it’s older, right? Make Gaming Great Again.
6. Tommy forever! He’s just so cool.
7. Surprise x-factor. Who knows what other cool things he has in store for us! He’s already done so much already.
8. What color are you going to preorder?

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