Obsessive Compulsive Gamer

The Amico is overpriced for what it does which is my opinion.
Here are the facts:

1. The Amico is slightly cheaper at $250 but it’s not out yet and if the Switch Pro drops at $299 this argument will be moot if and when the current Switch drops to $249.99. And with a never ending list of games on the eshop it’s not even fair to compare! Both systems have 2 controllers! Switch can be played in Handheld mode (Point Switch)

2. At least 4 games I’m aware of are reskined games that already exist on other platforms including the switch.
 A.Finnigan Fox
B. Ridged Force Redux
D. Evel Knievel.
Now I’m perfectly ok with a few of those but they are most certainly not Exclusive games as much as they are Exclusive Ports! (Minus a point to Tommy)

3.The Amico is geared toward Casual Mobile gamers… Ok this is not a problem  with me, but why then is Tommy fighting with the retro community mainly Pat & Ian if we’re not his target demographic? (Minus a point to Tommy)
Remember there’s over a billion casuals on mobile. This is where the biggest problem arises. “Who’s this console for?” “Why brand it "Intellivision” with a disc pad if not to try and play on nostalgia right? Do you guys really think casuals who have a phone in hand who download mainly free to play games are going to cough up $250 to play simple games they could get for free? I don’t think so, you may, I guess we will just have to wait and see🤷‍♂️ (Minus a point to casual gamers who haven’t a clue to what’s going on with the Amico)

4. Tommy likes to throw around the word “obsessed” very loosely, applying it to those with valid criticisms but not to you nor anybody within the inner circle and most certainly not to himself even though he comments on almost every video every day and is a regular on the Amico All Access podcast which is what twice a week now? Not to mention he’s gone on record with admitting to trolling the Cu Podcast👍(Minus 5 points to Tommy for being UNPROFESSIONAL)

5. The Amico controllers are ambitious I’ll give Tommy that but they have yet to be demonstrated in a meaningful way. Cornhol motion controls have yet to be seen and the screens have only been utilized by selecting items while playing games like Astro Smash and Shark Shark. I’m sure games like Poker will be fantastic but why not just play real cards in my opinion? My biggest gripe aside from the one I’m about to mention are the cheap washed out Lcds he’s using! So far it’s nothing revolutionary.

Which leads me to the Latency in the controllers.

6.Is there Lag or isn’t there? I for one have watched a ton of latency videos on ports of games so it is totally feasible to measure lag from a video. The controllers appear to have lag in multiple videos… FACT… NOT DEBATABLE!(Minus a point to Tommy)

Do me a favor and add up the ages of Tommy, DJC, Crow, the Pete Trio, Saggy, Retro Bro, Carl and yourself and give me an average. Id bet my bottom dollar and guess it’s above 40. And BOOM you have your demographic. Nostalgia does sell☝️

If we are right it means this sort of thing will become even more common place in our hobby. I hope I’m wrong and ill be the first to admit it, until then you should expect more from your CEO of Intellivision!

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