The guy with the Ferrari, let’s call him Tits for short, has access to lots of money, and seems to have lots of time on his hands. He also knows that petty “revenge” against a shitpost blog will Streisand Effect his little podunk project in a bad way. 

Does that mean we should post things in bad taste? Nah. This is all in fun and meant to lampoon, not hurt anyone. 

If things shared here are sometimes embarrassing to Tits, because the project isn’t as amazing as Tits says it is? Well that’s on Tits, isn’t it? You could even say that this blog gets on his tits.

For example, the busted gyro has been a thing on here since July 6, 2020, and was probably known by the internal Arnico team long before that. If Tommy doesn’t want anyone to make fun of this obvious, persistent defect, he needs to fix it. 


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