Prepare yourself. You’re going down an Amico rabbit hole so scummy and unreal, it feels like a parody. 

Look! A rabbit hole.

I fell in.  It took me to this exciting Tweet promising as fantastic investment opportunity:

Naturally, I ate the cake:

I felt small. No details to be found.  Who is “Tom”, and what is such a game changer?
Thirsty, I drank the liquid.  A video!

I felt sleepy. 

But what was this very exciting opportunity?  Give me details, you Cheshire cat!

The cat grinned:

And he grinned.  

And grinned more:

I felt sick. 

Watch the video. It’s 100% late night infomercial. 

EPILOGUE: I ate a cookie and felt large again.

Tommy is a willing participant.

 I wondered if Patel had spliced videos, but NOPE: TT calls him by name.

Spider-Man assembled his Avengers:

His final, unnamed superhero is the co-founder of XBox and he says liked the project so much that he approached them:

Hmmm … Who could that be?  The way he builds him up, he must be a huge asset. (for the newbies: that would be J Allard, who nope’d out of Tommy’s Intellivision project, as chronicled here – Editor)

“Over 10,000 pre-sales.” Then brags on $100 deposits because they wanted to be sure they were serious orders.

“I don’t lose.” May need to remember that clip for later. 

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