Is this a parody of Amico? The last part is literally Amico. From Tallarico’s Amico ego thread on Atari Age.

“My question: Who is this thing for? I mean, who are they trying to target with this thing? It seems to be different and weird just to be different and weird. I’m trying to figure out why anybody would fork over $180 dollars for this when I can’t see what it’s really offering.”

“Intellivision is creating a console designed on making family friendly, co-op games that everyone can enjoy. Something you don’t really find on other consoles. It’s super focused and have been very open and transparent. They have hundreds of years of experience in the gaming industry. They’ve created numerous hit games and know exactly what they’re doing.”

“The PlayDate video almost seems to brag that they have no idea what they’re doing. They’ve never built hardware. Their game developers are first time creators and also don’t really know what they’re doing. What am I missing here? They’re super vague about everything, and whatever shirt Cabel is wearing… just no.”

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