I did a little googling on “GrudgeQ.” Apart from devoting roughly 13 months on Tommy’s thread on AtariAge, he moderates the Subreddit for Amico and gets pretty aggressive when challenged. Looks like he’s another one of those “I’m a part-time shill!” people who think marketing for an unreleased console that’s actively soliciting investments and crowdfunding with no finished product is “funny” or a good use of time. He just made a Twitter @grudge_q and Tommy follows it. The picture here is him back in August before the (delayed) August 4th reveal event. After he did this it was rapidly posted all over Twitter by Tommy and the Amicolytes, including Phil Adam @padam54 who is another of Tommy’s partners who says he “helped launch Tetris” on Twitter yet ONLY tweets about Amico. Yeah. Sure.

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