How to simplify game controls for grandma

How to win 3 billion gamers.

Step #1: take the worst game controller in history. Double down on it to disrupt the big 3 console companies.

“Complicated"controllers (300M users) from "expensive” consoles ($299):

  • Two thumbsticks
  • Four buttons with labels
  • D-pad
  • Trigger and shoulder buttons
  • Haptic feedback
  • Pause / Menu and Power on buttons
  • Standard batteries / charge while playing

“Simple” family-friendly (0M families) controllers on “affordable” ($249) consoles (COMING SOON):

  • Disk that can act like a D-pad
  • Disk that can be spun like an iPod
  • Four physical buttons  based on orientation and game
  • 3 orientations for controller, L/R landscape and portrait 
  • Microphone
  • Speaker
  • Tri-axis gyroscope based motion controls
  • Touchpad screen with per-game buttons and functions
  • Screen as screen with “in your hand” gameplay (cards)
  • Screen as trackpad (some games) 
  • Single system button for pause, power, ssytem functions
  • Can only charge when not playing

To review — the big 3 who are many generations into this business have agreed on a single control scheme that works well and is comfortable.  like Ford, GM, Chevy back in the day. Or QWERTY. Imperfect, but if you have to learn something, learn something that works everywhere. 

Promising to disrupt and simplify Amico has adopted ZERO of the things learned from the big 3 to produce a controller that mimicks nothing that anyone uses today in games or out. Forget focus groups, billions in R&D have been spent and 50 years on game input. How many evergreen successes share ANY of these elements of input? This thing more resembles a card reader at WalMart than a game controller.

While choosing 3 of these could be considered simple, the fact that there are so many permutations of ideas in one thing makes it hard for even hardcore gamers to understand. Every game is going to have to explain how it interpreted the way to use the controller.

There’s some cool tech here, but this is not the key to conquer 3 billion non-gamers through simplicity. This is like some genius on LSD smashed together $18 worth of parts from the Fry’s return bin in a fit of home automation rage. This is not a controller designed by a gamer or a game designer.

If Tommy took over Fauxrarri tomorrow, he’d move the wipers to the gear shift, make the window button the high beams, swap the gas and the horn, put the brake in the backseat and add LED wherever he could. He’d bundle golf clubs, nail polish and hairspray based on watching focus groups and would pre-sell a purple one at Costco to address the billions not interested in high performance Red Fauxrarris that still have those silly input like a Ford.

Be honest, is this focus groups talking —- or?

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