How fitting that these two get along so well …

Tommy Tallarico likes to cozy up to moderators who make safe spaces for him to sell his footbath. We’ve seen it with the Amico fans at AtariAge, and now the main Amico subreddit has been “taken over by the Empire,” as a friend wrote.

Turns out the main moderator is not only a fan of Tommy, he’s also somewhat famous for taking people’s money and failing to deliver.

Here are the two snakes in a warm embrace …

So who is this guy?

Someone with the same name ghosted AtariAge almost 10 years ago after taking money for a long time and pissing off some fans. This is one of his AtariAge accounts.

At least he feels really bad about it!

… to the point that he told folks about some of his personal problems …

But whoops! Oversharing! At least he made a boomer-humor Freudian slip about “shopping his balls off.”

The people who paid their money were pissed. One said he was going to call the police.

“Reverend” Rob is more humble than Tommy would be. At least Rob never tried blaming anyone else for his mistakes and shortcomings.

This guy “swlovinist” is a big retrogame youtuber with his own dramatic arc, but back then, he just wanted his merchandise, darn it.

He wants it really bad.

There’s a lesson here for Amico guys about preorders, I think. To Tommy’s credit, it sounds as though everyone who asked for a footbath credit got one.

The “RevRob” domain is parked, and is being held for a hefty ransom. Oh well.

Summary: lie with dogs, get fleas. Or to put it another way, Tommy’s shit sure attracts a lot of flies.

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