I “feel” that the whole thing started with the best of intentions and a germ of a good idea. Then because of a combination of inexperience, incompetence, and hubris, Tommy got out over his skis. I don’t understand how he maintains control over his gang of shills, but it’s a shame that they seem incapable of thinking for themselves.

ReviewTechUSA rolled over in his “interview” with Tallarico and Ian Ferguson was completely justified in blasting him for it. You’d think there would be more “info” in the dozens of hours of infomercials they’ve done for this thing.

To the people arguing “why doesn’t Pat accept Tommy’s invitation to see the system,” why should he? Pat isn’t the one collecting money and representing himself as the savior of casual gaming, for Mom’s sake. The guy selling the footbath has the burden of proof. There’s enough stink of bullshit on everything Tommy says to assume this is Coleco Chameleon Two unless proven otherwise.

I say this with my heart full of honesty and passion. Ask yourself why that is.

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