If you’re gonna behave like a belligerent asshole about what features your footbath does and does not have …

… maybe you should check the communications that you yourself have put out there

This isn’t the first time you’ve gotten hostile towards people over what you said. First it was the price … then it was the release date … 

Yeah, we also remember that you said you gave a range but that there was NO WAY it was going over $180. Blame COVID, we don’t care, but take responsibility if you’re gonna dress up and play at being CEO. 

Now you’re trying to tell us it never had Ethernet. Everyone knows better than to trust a rendering, so all we have to go on is your spec sheet. 

Guess what? Ethernet is listed there. 



You don’t get to call people “bozo” and “liar” and “misinformed” when they’re working from what YOU gave THEM. 

Figure your shit out, Tommy. We shouldn’t have to do this for you. 

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