Hes such an awful person its almost like he has no redeeming qualities. If i was trying to sell an underpowered console, with really bottom of the barrel looking software (scraping the barrel), with controllers that if someone looked at would assume they played 2003 mp3 files, i would think i’d approach this with a little humility. Instead of trying to be the donald trump of video games and attacking anyone who has even the slightest criticism. And encouraging his handful of fans to act the same way. They think they are the good guys here, but i bet most of them didnt act like complete assholes before Tommy got introduced to their lives. Its all so much more fascinating than it has any right to be, just like most internet train wrecks. You just ask yourself “why”. Tommy is basically making himself the charlie zelenoff of the gaming industry. Oh yeah and i saw kevtris was browsing the atari age amico forum for a sec. Glad to know he follows amicogames.com. Makes you wonder if other big youtubers besides Pat are paying attention and just waiting for this to fail spectacularly before they chime in. For tommys sake, he better make a perfect landing or there will be no mercy if this thing sucks.

YouTube user “ST” (does it stand for Speaks Truth?) commenting on this Amico video. 

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