AUGUST 17, 2019

Tommy posts a $2,500 reward for finding a firmware engineer!

FEBRUARY 21, 2020

Tommy: “We are in the completion phase now … We probably have at least 20 different firmware engineers working on the system right now!”

JULY 1, 2020

Tommy: “They say we don’t have a working machine and firmware … just more misinformation” and more empty talk of the “completed machine working.”

May 7, 2021

Tommy: “Until we launch, there will ALWAYS be stability issues … This is exactly why we’re going to start slowing down showing videos to the public.”

Above: Tom “Why doesn’t it fit?” Tallarico and an object he enjoys

Also May 7, 2021:

“Our Founder’s Edition patches came in this week. Pretty cool!”

If I were him, I’d work on future-proofing it, because as he says, “Anyone who has ever worked on [patches] will say the same thing.  You fix 5 things and 2 other things break.”

Once again, in the spirit of helping the needy, Amico Games Dot Com provides Tommy, AmicoDan, AmicoSumeet, and the entire Amico circus with a mockup completely free of charge. We just want to make this family footbath the best it can be. We think we really NAILED IT!

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