Finnegan and Fox is a children’s story. Likely the Save a Fox foundation named their fox Finnegan just because they liked it and the Fox n Forests developers just wanted to slap a recognizable Fox name on their Amico port. 

That’s an interesting idea, but it could also be a coincidence. I suspect that the game developers Bonus Level Entertainment (from Munich, Germany) are unrelated to the Save A Fox Foundation (from Minnesota, USA)

Seems more likely to me it was convenient for the developers to get on the Bavarian grant wagon (they’re also remaking Intellivision standard “Shark! Shark!”). It’s possible the not-for-profit animal foundation didn’t protect the (cute, alliterative) Finnegan Fox name. Maybe Tommy Tallarico, another cute alliterative name) can be a mascot for something more productive in the future. 

In honor of our Bavarian benefactors, here are 8 pictures of foxes drinking beer. 

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