Amico is supposed to a major disrupter to compete with “The Big Boys”, so why is it bothering with Republic.fig- a site almost exclusively for crowdfunding low-budget indie games?   VCs have tons of money they will give out to anything remotely plausible.  Elizabeth Holmes was able to raise over $400 in VC money with absolutely nothing but a tale and a smile.  Her own faculty advisor at Stanford was proactively telling anyone who expressed interest in her “miracle blood drop testing machine” that she was full of shit.  The fact that Elizabeth Holmes never even tried to sue her for defamation should have been a warning that Elizabeth knew her tale wouldn’t stand up to a legal deposition.   Theranos was able to keep raising VC money even when every single company that bothered to do due diligence backed away and that Theranos could never pass even a single test when one of Elizabeth Holmes claims were examined.  Elizabeth Holmes was still able to con new investors and wasn’t finally exposed until the grandson of a major investor, George Schultz, turned whistleblower.   In short, VC’s have a lot of money and those handing them out aren’t always the brightest bulbs.  They can and have been easily conned by a slick presentation and a tale of getting on the ground floor of “a game changer created by a team of unprecedented talent” because no VC wants to be the idiots who said “no” to Bitcoin or Tesla.   The fact that Tommy can’t get any money out of that group and has to resort to crowdfunding should tell you how unimpressive and uncompelling his story is to investors.

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