Chuck Magnet

This funny old Car Talk review of the Chrysler PT Cruiser says

“Drive down the street in the PT Cruiser, and everyone will stare at you. Who’s doing all the staring? Ah, good question, Grasshopper. We noticed that most of the unconditional approval and envy came from the over-40 crowd–specifically, the male, over-40 crowd. This is an important consideration if you happen to be a male over 40, and want your car to attract the attention of someone other than another male over 40. Most of the women in their 20s and 30s looked slightly bewildered by this car.

While the VW Beetle tends to be a chick magnet, the PT Cruiser is more of a Chuck magnet. So keep that in mind.”

Similarly, the Intellivision Amico says it’s for everyone, but it’s clearly a Chuck Magnet, look no further than the homogeneous panel discussions of 40-something white male retro gamers if you need a visual aid.

Or if you’re feeling uncharitable towards the Amico community, as we are often inclined, maybe Chunk Magnet is the way to go.

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