With stuff like this, I generally assume there’s some combination of tax dodging, money laundering for some larger party and people drawing large salaries on a personal level (can’t take those back when the company bombs!) as a sort of collective scam.

It’s certainly a nice shield from the scam angle if you have a guy like Tommy endlessly freaking out and insisting this is a real attempt to make a real product that they fully expect millions of people will buy. Even many of the most cynical people will see that and think, “ah, it’s just some lunatic who convinced himself and everyone else this was real.”

At the very least, that office is packed with people who are 100% there for however long they can draw pay off this nonsense and will happily bail the moment things go sour. Which they probably fully expect to happen soon.

From here:

Post in thread ‘Ars Technica: What the heck’s an Intellivision Amico? Console’s leaky dev portal offers hints (Intellivision CEO Implies Legal Action in Response)’ https://www.resetera.com/threads/ars-technica-what-the-heck%E2%80%99s-an-intellivision-amico-console%E2%80%99s-leaky-dev-portal-offers-hints-intellivision-ceo-implies-legal-action-in-response.449851/post-70108341

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