Are you people INSANE?!?!?! I’ve given a lot worse scores to PS2 games than GameCube games!!! How come no one ever mentions that?? Does that mean I’m biased to the PS2?!?! NO!! I find that Nintendo fanboys get so worked up if a Nintendo game gets a low score… Um… er, a…. WHOSE THE ONE BEING BIASED?!?!?!! The most biased people in the entire world are NINTENDO FANBOYS!! And they are the ones calling me biased!?!?! Hilarious!!! I DO NOT give all GameCube games a low score!! I don’t give a flying fart which system a game is on or not on!! I judge a game based on THE GAME!!! NOT THE SYSTEM!!!! duh!

oh you know who said it. here’s the full context

These old threads are illuminating. I have learned:
– he’s always been like this
– he’s unlikely to change
– he probably has a reputation in the industry for being a brat
– he’s going to fail his “big test” of whether or not he can make something and have a 3rd act
– he’s got such a big mouth, that’s probably reason enough for places like AtariAge to take the chickenshit approach and try to be his friend rather than his enemy

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