A friend writes:

All the carrying on about Astrosmash is funny to me. I never played it, but back in the day, it looked like just another knock off, copy cat thing trying to capitalize on the money Space Invaders was making on more popular systems. Pretty much everything on Intellivision was like that. In the case of astrosmash, it was like somebody cloned space invaders and just threw a bowl of jambalaya at you instead of enemies. I always thought it was dumb, just shoot at random shit falling. I see nothing has changed.

I just don’t follow these nerds making like that and shark shark are some kind of epic, historical achievements. I was there when they were new watching as people really didn’t give a shit. The Intellivision was the thing a few hipster type goobers and sports enthusiasts would buy. Most folks I saw just hated the controllers with a passion. The general populace is never going to give a single shit about this thing if it ever sees the light of day. However, I sincerely hope Tommy produces a million of them just to watch him walk into the spinning blades of reality. Unfortunately, you know he won’t even get around to the numbers he keeps claiming he’s had purchase orders for for over a year. Damn coronavirus, always keeping gaming legends down.

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