A little more about “Side Swipers” and a shoutout to @phlcollective

It makes sense that the Amico “Side Swipers” (bad name, since you can only have rear-end and head-on collisions) game wasn’t an in-house creation. Someone posted a clip that showed some credits, which seem to say

“The gameplay [contained] in this demo [is] pre-alpha and not [considered] [final] [quality]. Copyright PHL Collective 2019. All rights reserved.”

The company is PHL Collective and they have an eclectic mix of VR and casual games. Their big hit is Clusterpuck 99, a couch multiplayer game that looks like fun and often goes on sale for a dollar. It’s been on Switch since 2018 and Steam since 2015, and I’ve put it on my wishlist!

Their website doesn’t show anything about the criss-cross car crash game, but I wouldn’t expect anyone to put their best work on a niche platform like Amico. It looks like the kind of thing you’d put together for a one-day game jam.

I gotta say, these seem like my kind of people…

… too bad they’ve gotten mixed up in the Tallarico tar pits.

Their game IRIS could almost pass for an Amico-style neo-retro shooter a la TRON or their Cloudy Mountain remake. Note that it runs on AirConsole and Android TV.

Their Katamari-style web game “Colossal Catastrophe” almost sounds like they’re talking about Intellivision Amico!

Anyone know anything else about these guys? Anyone from PHL care to spill the tea?

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