A friend writes:

Oh, grow up. Just show us the numbers, Tommy. Just answer the questions, Tommy. Just tell the truth, Tommy.

This is all so silly, and it’s exhausting at this point. You basically are selling AirConsole in a box. I played their demo; I played yours. The differences are pretty trivial in terms of game quality and ease of use and all that, at least as observed thus far. You’re talking out of both sides of your face with every answer you give to that question. Cell phone controls are horrible, but using a touchscreen for Robotron movement on the Amico would be really great. It’s not fair to compare your stuff to $.17 cent mobile games, but actually it’s an honor to compare your stuff to $.17 mobile games because half of the entire globe’s GDP is actually spent on them, don’tcha’ know? This console isn’t for you, “hardcore” retrogamer; it’s for moms, but also Astrosmash, Moon Patrol, Breakout, Missile Command, Night Stalker, Cloudy Mountain, Bomb Squad, Finnegan Fox and damn nearly every game we’ve shown off for it, those aren’t for moms. Our competition isn’t any other electronic gaming product ever produced by anyone ever; our competition is a $2 deck of cards. So, we’re 125x as expensive as the competition, but we’re about Affordable Family Entertainment.

Just answer the questions, man. Are you and AirConsole Coke and Pepsi or not? What makes your games any better than theirs? They look just as FOCUSED on family affordable blah blah blah as you. Their graphics are just as passable. The setup process wasn’t any more involved than the average soccer mom uses to get into her online bank account, so what’s the difference? Fancy new Breakout? What’s the difference between this and any other umpteen thousand “reimagined” retrogames that have been a few clicks away on one device or another for years and years. So far I’ve seen one thing: a different take on leaderboards. Okay, that’s nice. Why couldn’t you just stick to that.

As far as your whole other digression goes, it’s all hogwash. Mobile games make boatloads of money almost entirely on microtransactions, ads, subscriptions, and the like. You haven’t presented a single data point – NOT. ONE. – in however many weeks we’ve been on this subject at this point, which indicates any other reality. Your whole attempt to show “casuals” bought more software on the Wii than anyone else was so completely bogus I have a hard time believing you weren’t being intentionally dishonest. Beyond all the other reasons I already gave for why it was, if you actually go look at that table you copped your numbers from, you’ll see that, every single year, the totals for all the “hardcore” games was higher than that of the “casual” ones unless you want to quibble about the definitions. Yeah, it’s spread out over more titles, but if the same consumer segment that pushed Wii Fit over the 20 million mark showed any sign of being willing to buy 5 new games a year, there’d be 5 new Wii Fit games every year, and not one Zelda, one Mario, one Pok√©mon, one Metroid, and so on. You know it. I know it.

Refute this point, Tommy. Refute any of these points, Tommy. You keep coming up against this point and saying “agree to disgree”, then coming back again hours or days later with some weird little nanny nanny boo boo post that completely ignores the substance of the argument. I’m about ready to be done with this. If you’ve got anything relevant to say about either of the above subjects, let’s hear it. Otherwise, let it drift. I’m not going to get into some ridiculous 4Chan-tier flame war with you.

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