A friend writes:

From just a cursory overview of the Republic terms, even an idiot who bothers to look has to pick up on the fact that they can, at the very minimum, position their sales via outlet or timeframe to specifically avoid paying out to investors on their best case, or even any case scenario. The people sinking money into this have to be lapping up some scammer advisor bullshit and making huge assumptions that they are getting a commensurate return on total revenue as with a real investment or stock purchase. Republic is worse than any kind of legitimate investment and, without exaggeration, more akin to buying the deed to a bridge out of some guy’s trunk. If they pay less to “investors” by selling product through third parties, or delay quantity production over time, like Tommy keeps ignorantly eluding to, the end result is they keep more money and “investors” get less. That says nothing of not achieving the higher level payback thresholds which make it assuredly and exponentially more unlikely to see any return.

Their entire scheme seems deliberately constructed to pitch the promise of huge returns with the terms carefully setup to give them complete control over what they allow in returns and limit anyone to getting little or nothing back. You can’t feel sorry for anyone loosing money on this. They had is coming. What’s not okay is these assholes getting rich off of other people’s stupidity if it involves fraud which it pretty clearly does. The whole Republic thing is falling in some new niche where no governing body it regulating or restricting it yet, and the legality has yet to be vetted in a court setting. I bet if you dig deeper into Tommy’s money guy and the Republic guy responding to users on their website, you’ll find some seriously shady activity in their past.

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