A friend writes …

Based on my experience dealing with self important dipshits who have no clue what they’re doing, I’d say he doesn’t even have molds yet based on all the fart gas he expels alone, and a total lack of any evidence to the contrary. These kinds of dorks make up stuff to brag on. Do you really believe for one second he would keep actual evidence under wraps that he could wave around like the tail of a squirrel on meth? He’s got bullshit stories that change faster than his hair color, nothing to show for any of it still, just like every other one of these delusional shit box schemes.

Hey, I ask, can I share this on my Tumblr? My friend responds,

I don’t care. I’d post everything on Atari Age if I still went there, but all the mods there turned into some kind of bastardized spineless flying jellyfish monkeys for a bat-shit crazy, self glorifying narcissist who is able to gaslight himself into believing his own horseshit just to have someone to talk to.

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