Can I just take a moment to point out a number of things that bother me on a regular basis with this ongoing bullshit? This dipshit really is too much. 

1. “Pre-order” is such a bullshit term, and always has been. Some marketing ass-clown just reversed Whimpey’s line from Popeye and put it in two words. I’ll gladly pay you today for a hamburger on Tuesday. 

2. Amico is the only console not on the market at all that provides 0% family-friendly content because it doesn’t fucking exists as a product yet. 

3. Apparently Amico is everything to everybody now, including “Hardcore Gamers”. Whoever you are, it’s for you! 

4. Everyone, I am proud to introduce your quality and family-friendly standards judge and jury, Tommy Tallarico! Now don’t you feel all warm and fuzzy? 

5. All Amico games support the unique features of the unique controller, your cell phone. 

 6. We’ll be releasing lots and lots of really impressive and inexpensive things right after we do a trivial release of this thing and it’s a raging success. 

7. Bullshit, overwhelming developer interest, bullshit, it’s just that easy, bullshit, spam, baked beans and spam, lobster Thermador with a fried egg on top and more assorted bullshit. 

8. No comments allowed unless you demonstrate fealty to Tommy by giving him $101. Something to hide perhaps? Haven’t we seen this a hundred times before? 

9. How can you prove we’re lying about anything we’re saying when we haven’t done any of this bullshit yet? How can you have your pudding if ya don’t eat your meat?! 

10. See Tommy Tallarico.

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