A few days ago, a professional thumb impersonator recently took a little break from polishing Tommy Tallarico’s vintage joystick collection to drop these pearls of wisdom in response to Pat Contri’s latest video about the October 10th Intellivision Amico updates. 

“The gaming community needs to find ways to come together and stop searching for wedges to drive between us,” he wrote. 

And then, he posted this. It’s basically a love sonnet about peace, love and understanding. He’d like to buy the world a Video Cornhole System so we can all enjoy couch co-op together in these difficult times. 

Haha, naaaaah, no he didn’t, not this asshole. He posted a 2-hour rant about everything he didn’t like in Pat’s 20-minute opinion piece. He basked – nay, wallowed – in the warm praise of Tommy Tallarico’s ego emissions. The ones we saw were on Twitter and AtariAge.

Pat eventually realized this guy had left him a series of comments on his latest video. He said what any reasonable person would do under these circumstances.

I couldn’t have said it better myself. 

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