Quoted words are his, straight from his Atari Age ego thread, of course. Comments are mine, in bold italics. This might be long. 


UI video will be a live stream.

We were scheduled to do it this week in the office (the official office internet & servers were just completed and installed/finalized last week)… then the California lockdown started on Monday making it against the law to assemble in our new building.

We were also thinking of getting @Starpaddler and his AWARD WINNING wife to come down between now and Christmas (and to video them seeing and playing the machine for the first time, etc.).

Some may cry foul and try to say I’m stalling.  For those folks… get your head out of your asses and read the news.

Yeah, you’re stalling. Learn how to ship. 


We’ve shown a working machine with controllers publicly since the beginning of 2020.  We’ve shown an early version of our UI over a year and a half ago.  Ask John Riggs, Metal Jesus, Smash JT, Michael Pachter and oh yeah… Walmart, Gamestop, Koch media, Best Buy, Amazon, Argos, Media Mrkt, Saturn, EB Games, etc.  Just wondering if anyone out there thinks we didn’t show the machine working over a year ago when we took our first 100,000 purchase orders without breaking a sweat.  Wondering if people out there think we were able to secure a $150 MILLION manufacturing line of credit with smoke & mirrors.  Please.  To those folks, spare us the drama and stupidity at this point

We can’t ask them. You made them sign an NDA, remember? We say your “early UI” with the self-beheading robot thing that has chicken drumsticks for legs. 

Now Tommy is up to a $150 million line of credit? And claims to be small time? hahahahaha

All that has been shown to this point are a few shovelware-ready Android freemium games and some hand models, with two controllers that don’t even match. 


E3 – June, 2019 was to SHOW buyers the system behind closed doors for the first time.  We knocked it out of the park and achieved every goal we set out to.  We’ve hired at least 30+ new people since then.  Funny that people would think we’re going backwards over a year a half. 

Yeah, you hyped the fuck out of showing it off at E3 then psyched everyone by saying it wasn’t public and wouldn’t be public. That probably pissed a bunch of people off to hear you hype it up for over a month then tell them to fuck off when they wanted to see. 

We don’t know what these “goals” are either.  the goal could be “seduce suckers and get their money” for all we know.

You ARE going backwards, or if you’re moving forward, it’s at a snail’s pace that means you’re going to have to ultimately delay a year or more.


We decide when we show things based on when it’s best for US…. not some angry obsessed handful of hater trolls demanding that we show certain things or else the whole thing is a scam.  Besides, we already know they will all be first in line to buy Amico so they can complain about it some more.

It’s easy. just shut the farkle up and don’t promise things your ass can’t deliver, don’t tease things you don’t have, and don’t show things off before they’re ready. Don’t brag about things then get mad when people ask for proof.


I think for our family audience, you aren’t in the minority at all.  When we ask families which one they would most likely play… it’s always mini-golf over regular golf.  Those stats go down when the age demographic is raised.  Especially over 60+.

The idea of people being able to affect the spin of the windmill, etc. is EXACTLY the type of unique and simple gameplay that makes us so different (especially with our controllers).

So let me just give a big…


Yeah when I played miniature golf, your friend/sibling fucking with the course hazards are what we used to call “cheating.”

And what do the controllers have to do with affecting gameplay elements? He just threw that in for no reason. Maybe don’t tout product you don’t have, and don’t stoke the hype-fires when you don’t have anything to burn in them. 

Wouldn’t THAT be something?

His excuse to not show off the UI is hilarious. I guess he doesn’t have internet at home. If you think about it, it makes no sense. 


I’ve been mentioning for a few months that everything would need to be finalized by the end of January at the latest, that way we could at least crank out the Founder’s Editions before China shuts down for the Chinese New Year (February 12 – 26).  Takes a month to ship via boat and then time at customs.  Then shipping out to everyone individually.  So end of January to get in Founders hands by beginning of April.  Another option is to wait until the beginning of March and then airship the 2,600 Founders units to the U.S.  A lot more expensive and completely eats away any profit margin we would have had (we would probably even lose money), but a decision that I’m willing to make for the Founders if possible.

He’s setting up the failposts™ and is getting ready to kick the failball through them and admit he has to delay another 6 months after April. 

Isn’t he a swell guy for losing money on getting the flounders editions out? WE DID EVERYTHING WE COULD. Even if he does that it means he is delaying, because it will take another 2 months to get them to everyone else, which is June.


But it really comes down to the ability to get each and every part required.  We have started ordering long lead time components (last month) and are starting to see potential backed up parts/component issues starting to crop up and our team is figuring out work arounds.  

Bahaha long lead time parts were ordered last month?!?
What the blue sky is this astrosmasher smoking? He’s screwed and he knows it. Long lead time parts should’ve been ordered literally 3 to 9 months ago. And he KNOWS THIS. Anyone that has worked in this industry knows this. The chip manufacturers tell you this. It takes a while to actually manufacture chips, and if you’re buying a lot of something (10K+) generally there isn’t enough stock on hand and they actually have to produce them for you which takes 2 months or so, possibly a bit longer.


Again, I gotta stress that things in manufacturing (at least for us smaller guys) are literally changing from week to week.  If we are experiencing lockdowns here in the U.S. what do you think China is going through?  The press/media doesn’t cover that much.  

This is bullshit. You set your manufacturing contracts up months in advance. You KNOW when the factory will be ready to work on your stuff, and you coordinate buying stock and handling lead times so it all lines up. Your part suppliers will know what lead times are, that’s what they are for.

Typically you’re planning your product production 4-6 months out, contacting suppliers with the big things (processors, memory, power chips… things that are only made by one company or maybe two) and getting pricing and lead times and even possibly getting preliminary orders in.

Also, china’s back up to full production. The media don’t cover it because most Americans aren’t working to get electronics mass produced in China. 


But ask yourself why Sony, Microsoft & Nintendo are lacking the supply they need.

Because they are not incompetent.


The hundreds of components and parts we have in Amico are made ALL over China.  Not just in one factory.  The manufacturing plant (Ark) makes some, but not things like the Qualcomm Snapdragon chip.  So if just one of the hundreds of components has a delay (and are unable to get it elsewhere), you can imagine the chain reaction it has on everything down the line.

The only things in his footbath that are proprietary enough to get screwed on will be the SOC, MAYBE some memory (usually there’s several suppliers for this), and power chips if he’s using some higher end regulators with multiple outputs or whatever. The rest is all commodity garbage and he should be able to get that stuff from a dozen vendors. 

Also the plastics of course but you have 100% full control over plastics and other incidentals like metal contacts.

YOU are producing it, so you have full control. 


All we can do is keep working super hard and hope things fall into place.  The latest California lockdowns that started this 0week and will go to the end of the year were devastating for sure.  We planned on moving the entire team into the new building in December.

Sooooo … work from home? Tommy is just setting up another delay and blaming it on COVID-19. 


That being said, we are doing the best we can considering the circumstances and as always, I’m being as transparent as I possible can considering the challenges and always changing landscape from week to week.  If we need to push it out a few months, we would know that information probably by the middle or end of January.

As transparent as a funhouse mirror. This is him saying right now that he’s going to delay. He knows NOW that he’s screwed. 


I’m totally okay with giving as many updates as possible as they come in.  Right now we’re working hard on getting everything completed over the next month via video.  Not very efficient when you need to test couch co-op games as well!

Out of the 3,948,739,834 people he has hired, he doesn’t have ANY testers?

And why does it take this long to make a stupid video? It takes that long to photoshop Amico controllers into every frame of the stock video, replacing the PS4 controllers?


A big article about the video game industry and Loot Boxes came out today in the Los Angeles Times (one of the biggest newspapers in the entire county) which I was quoted. Positive vibes for Intellivision!

There’s him taking credit for that. Why would they ask him anything about it? he hasn’t probably ever played a game that even has a loot box, or know anyone that does/has. He’s just a loudmouth pushing a footbath.

It costs this much to make an Intellivision Amico game:


Depending on the project.  Could be anywhere from $50,000 – $250,000.  I’d say the average is around $100K – $125K.

Too bad he won’t use completed indie games! Oh, wait …

I’m amazed Tommy even knows about loot boxes. They became a big deal after 2005, and that’s where his knowledge mysteriously ends. 


  1. Tommy has shown that he never had, and still doesn’t have, the first clue what the hell he thinks he’s doing.
  2. Tommy cannot, will not, and ain’t gonna have product to ship in April, or most likely the first , second or third quarter of next year.
  3. Tommy continues to be a colossal, exaggerating, self-aggrandizing ass clown who can’t tell the difference between the truth and his heavily dyed haircut which is that stupid lookin’ lump three feet above his ass.
  4. Tommy’s entire exercise to date has proven to be nothing but an excuse to stroke his manchild ego. 
  5. Tommy knows zilch about producing anything in china in volume, let alone anything electronics. 

When all is done, Tommy is going to make the Ataribox look like a brilliantly executed rollout performed with military precision.

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